Spanish Nationality

Things to keep in mind

  • We process your application for nationality by residence.
  • The forms of acquisition vary depending on the agreements with the States.
  • There are cases in which the period of application for residence by nationality is shortened, otherwise it is 10 years of legal residence in Spain.
  • There are the following exceptions:
    • 5 years: Those persons who have acquired the condition of Refugee.
    • 2 years: For nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or a person of Sephardic origin.
    • 1 year: Those born in Spanish territory.
    • Those who did not exercise their right to acquire Spanish nationality by option:
      • Those who have been married to a Spanish man or woman for one year at the time of application and who are not legally or de facto separated.
      • The widow or widower of a Spanish man or woman if at the time of death they were not legally or de facto separated.
      • The person born outside Spain to a father or mother (also born outside Spain) who is a grandparent, provided that they were originally Spanish.
      • In addition, the interested party will have to prove good conduct.
      • Depending on the non-Spanish speaking foreigner, he or she will have to take the A level exam and the CCS test of cultural knowledge.

We will help you to register if you have difficulties.

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