Foreigners’ Office

NIE, Citizen registration, Law 14/2013

Foreigner Identification Number

The NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) is a personal, unique and exclusive number that all foreigners must have, for identification purposes:   

  • in whose favour a procedure is initiated to obtain a document that enables them to stay in Spanish territory other than a visa
  • who have had administrative proceedings initiated against them under the provisions of the regulations on foreign office.
  • that because of their economic, professional or social interests are related to Spain

In the first two cases, the NIE is granted in Spain by the Directorate General of the Police in Spain, provided that the foreigner is not in an irregular situation in Spain and communicates the reasons why he or she is requesting the assignment of the number.

In the third case, all foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, have a relationship with Spain, may apply personally for the NIE from the Directorate General of the Police or, if they are not in Spain at the time of application, from the Embassy or honorary Consulates..

Citizen registration

The municipal census is an administrative register of the inhabitants of a municipality. It is managed by the locality where you are going to live or living now. Foreigners are advised to register. What is it for? Certain obligations, privileges, aids or rights depend on our place of residence. It is the only document that serves to demonstrate where we live. You will need it to register your children in the school, to exchange your driving license, to request the sanitary card and at the same time if the intention is to request the residence by roots is the most important document that the foreigners office will demand to know the time of your residence. It is advisable to carry out the procedure is very simple. You only have to present a few documents to the administration and fill out a form. We will help you to request the appointment and we will take care of preparing the required documents from the administration and save you time. You only have to attend the appointment and we will take care of the rest. 

Law 14/2013, of September 27, 2013 to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization.

If you are a highly qualified professional or manager (PAC) or graduate of recognized universities and business schools and you have a job offer in Spain, you can benefit from the PAC residence regime.

If you are in Spain as a student, you can apply from here without the need to apply for a visa, you can only change your status as long as the card is in force, as long as you are in a legal situation. In case you are outside Spain at the time of the application, once the residence authorization is granted, you will have to apply for a visa.

Who can apply for it?

Managerial or highly qualified personnel.       

Business projects of general interest .       

      Post-graduates from universities and schools of recognized prestige.       

      Important: in these cases employment status does not apply.

FFlexibility: allows Residence and work contract authorizations for one year or the duration of the contract.
Application to workforces of more than 250 workers (3 months prior to application). Annual net turnover in Spain of more than 50 million euros or equity or net worth of more than 43 million euros. SMEs belonging to the strategic sector are also allowed.

Contact MVAGESTORIA S.L.P, we offer you more information and we take care of the telematic filing through the Large Companies Unit.


EU citizen

You can do much more with the NIE such as registering as a contract worker or self-employed, regardless of being able to process a EU citizen certificate or green card later.


1.- Completed forms (EX-15) (EX-15)

2.- Valid passport (European Union citizens may present an identity card): original and copy

3.- Payment of the administrative fee 9.64 Euro: in cash (only admitted in the Embassy in Vienna) or in the corresponding bank account.

4. In case the interested party has made the payment by transfer, the proof of payment will be needed.

5. In the case of minors, the father, mother or guardian must also be present and provide a copy and original of their identity card.

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